Friday, January 2, 2015

Good Things Jar

Thanks to an idea I got from Mom's Clean Air Force on Facebook through a shared post, a year ago I began a "Good Stuff Jar." The idea was to jot down any surprise gifts, accomplishments, beauty of nature noticed, LOL moments, good memories, etc. Then we would read them at the end of the year.

Momma Jorje's Good Things Jar 2014

Any project is difficult to maintain for a full year and this one didn't require a lot of attention, so it was often forgotten. Still, I did wind up with a handful and reading them with my husband on the first of this year gave us a chuckle and a reminder of some things we appreciate. I'd like to share them with you, since there aren't too many. Some of them were funny to us because they seemed great at the time, but didn't really pan out in the end...

  • Frying chicken + pork chops was a lot easier than I was making it out to be.
  • Bonus plants from Patrick (for my garden - we laughed because my garden was a bit of a failure)
  • Elmo cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen... for $25. HAHAHA (he felt underpaid)
  • Gardening + catching worms with Sasha
  • Daddy brought an OK Brown [tarantula] home from [work].
  • Found Little Leafers (a local nature explorers group that died out before it even began, when the leader suddenly had to move out of state)
  • Taste of Summer, Horse Awareness Day and Zoo - all in 1 weekend with Samantha (my stepdaughter, shortly after we gained visitation)
  • Spencer choosing the [ASL] "monkey" sign to mean "Marcus" (his Speech Therapist).
  • Cathulhu (the cat... that we immediately had to re-home when it was found that Samantha was allergic)
  • Neighbor, Brent, brought wood + tools - spent 5 hours on coop!
  • Carnival Epsilon performing in our own back yard for Ronni's Sweet 16.

  • Awesome garden tools from Angie.
  • Got to sleep with Elmo all weekend! (This would have been before the move, when I usually slept on a different floor.)
  • Horse Awareness Day (apparently warranted being mentioned twice)
  • Singing Disney songs in the van together
  • I learned how to make paper seedling pots.
  • Discovered the wonder that is spinach in scrambled eggs - new favorite! (I still eat this almost daily!)
  • Spencer learned to give hugs & made a hugging game. (Taking turns hugging people)
  • New-to-us stove deal - approved out of rent
  • Last $325 [owed] to [last place of residence] written off
  • Made Tubby Custard - Kids loved it! Sasha asked me to make it again the next day.
  • Angela chose our family to receive her free [weekly] "Meal Maker" eggs. (She later sold me our 6 hens at a great deal!)
  • [new home address] (We have been very happy to live in a house!)
  • Courtney & mom [last name] - furniture including full size bed! (They gave us furniture they had in storage.)
  • Got to be Dulce's guests to Taste of Summer (an event that includes free ice cream!)
  • Elmo figured out how to safely install new-to-us stove.

Considering how many times we forgot about the jar, that's pretty good! I'd like to continue the jar into 2015, but I think I'll add one detail - a date. I think it will be cool to be able to put them in order, remember when things happened and maybe even match them up with pictures at the end of the year! This was a really fun thankfulness project and I would definitely recommend it.

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