Hot Topics

Hot Topics all together for easy locating when you need to share with a friend:

  • Circumcision - Nearly 20 links all about circumcision! I've even marked my favorites! In addition to these, I've included a handful of links regarding foreskin restoration.

  • Down Syndrome - A dozen links to everything from support / community / social to education and great blogs.

  • Lindane - learn more about this pesticide that is used on human heads to kill lice. It is slowly being banned from use globally. In the meantime, don't use this neuro-toxin on any heads in your family! There are half a dozen links on this page to help you.

  • Keeping your Children Hydrated - not so much a list of links, it is a lot of good information to help keep you and yours from becoming dehydrated in the Summer months.

  • Vasectomy - Some information and resources for information. I wrote this as we were preparing for my husband's vasectomy.

  • Night Weaning - I've had several people request this link so I'm putting it here for quick reference, too. I hope it will help others that face this difficult task.

  • Babywearing from Every Angle - Whatever your question or curiosity, there is a post to cover it listed here!

Got a hot topic you think I missed? Comment or contact me to let me know! Perhaps I'll publish a post especially for you!

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