Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Clever Girl with Long Locks

As you can see here, Sasha likes to climb into her toy basket. I'm sure she isn't the first toddler to do this. In fact, I don't think she is even my first toddler to do this! However, today she pulled a chair cushion over and put it into the basket. She made it more comfy... how clever! Daddy actually called me at work to tell me about it, figuring I could use the smile.

Sasha in her Toy Basket

Now what you might also notice is how long her curls are getting. They are starting to reach her eyes. This has me thinking... what do I want to do about it? Do I just leave them and continuously push them out of her eyes? Do I get her first haircut? Already?! Do I try tiny barrettes? Then there are headbands. I really hate baby headbands. If you like them on your baby, go for it! I just feel like they are going to squish my poor baby's brains! I realize this is probably entirely illogical, but still... the thought is there. She isn't really a baby anymore, though. Her soft spot has already gotten much smaller since she was a newborn. As a side-note, I really suck at hair. I can braid stuff, but I cannot braid my own hair. I do alright with an older child's hair, but not great. What am I to do with Sasha's hair? What have you done with your toddler's hair?
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