Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Communication and Affection

When you reach your hands out to Sasha, she reacts in a way that fairly clearly communicates that she wants you to pick her up or take her from the person holding her. If she doesn't, she just doesn't react at all. She has a new way, though, of communicating without you offering first. Last night while we were sitting in the floor playing, she reached out to take my right hand. She pulled it to her and left it in her lap. Then she reached out to take my left hand and did the same. I got the distinct impression that she was trying to get my to take her... in my hands. Am I crazy? I thought it was adorable, of course!

Sasha 6 Month PortraitSasha doesn't give kisses very often. It seems that lately when you do kiss her, she immediately lowers her face. This kind of makes her forehead bump into you. Then very recently I noticed that she will lean forward. She presses her forehead to mine and then pulls back again. It seems... like affection. It is like "forehead love." Goofy term, I know. I mentioned it to Daddy and he confirmed, he does this with her all the time. He taught it to her! Then it made sense and I've noticed it more since then. He will lay in the floor facing her and press his forehead to hers. They pause there. It is such a sweet little display of affection. And while this still leaves two humans breathing on each others faces, it seems less germ-sharing than actual kisses. Either way, she seems to have chosen this display of affection over kisses for the most part.


  1. The "forehead love" is so cute! It's funny the little things they come up with since they have no preconceived notions of how you're *supposed* to show affection. My baby just opens his mouth wide open, grabs my face, yanks it towards him, and puts his slobbery baby mouth on my cheek. I suppose at some point I'll have to teach him that kissing doesn't mean sliming someone with your open mouth, but for now I am just loving that my little boy wants to kiss me!!

  2. Seems most babies pick up on kissing and do the open mouth thing. I think it is absolutely adorable! Sasha started that first but she would just open her mouth wide, lean forward, and wait for you to kiss her open mouth. So cute!!

    Yeah, we just love any affection we can get out of them don't we??


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