Monday, April 12, 2010

More New Foods + Crawling + Water

Thanks very much to a recommendation from Hobo Mama, I ran out on Sunday morning to grab some YoBaby! I used the new suction cup bowls that Daddy picked out for us. I also offered Sasha the new baby spoon that I had found online and was pleasantly surprised to also find in the store. I love the bowls! Sasha immediately tried to pick the bowl up but it wouldn't budge! And the spoon guard kept her from shoving it down her throat. Whenever she did grasp the spoon, she would zoom it right into her mouth. She didn't seem too certain about the yogurt, but we'll try it again. We tried banana because she has already had bananas.

Today when I got home for lunch, Daddy showed me that he and Sasha have been working on her crawling. She can crawl with her legs, but her hands need more practice. Turns out, she can move forward with her left hand, but when she tries to lift her right hand it just keeps going up until she rolls over onto her back. If Daddy rests his hand on her back to keep her from going, she crawls just fine. Tonight I see that her little knees are irritated from all the practicing she has been doing. My poor baby. She so wants to crawl! I wonder if wearing her baby legs would make things any better or just worse.

Tonight I finally found a food that I like and feel is healthy and safe enough to offer to Sasha to try with me without much of any special treatment. I was standing in the kitchen, holding her, and munching on some cantaloupe. I held it up and let her move her mouth to it. It has gotten the best reaction of any food I have offered to her! She returned to it again and again, gnawing and sucking at it. Eventually I put some in her mesh feeder and let her have at it, but I am just still not sure about that thing. She was more interested in the cantaloupe directly.

spring house water from fizzo waterOh and water! I finally introduced water. I got this cute, handy sippy cup from Nuby when Sasha went on her bottle strike. She wouldn't take milk from it, either, but she does alright with water in it. I can also give her drinks of water from my water bottle, but seem to do best with a glass. I wonder how she'll do with a straw and I'm curious to try one soon.
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