Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Mei Tai

kitchen length
The shoulder straps were longer than my kitchen!

ironing board
My make-shift ironing board.

reinforced square
I loved these squares! Very sturdy!

artsy square
artsy shot of a square in progress

shoulder strap on Sasha
my beautiful Sasha, modeling a loose shoulder strap

sewing together
I didn't think I could sew with her in my lap, but we did it!

Mei Tai in use
We LOVE our Ball Baby Overall Mei Tai and it was perfect during my Girl Scout meeting!


  1. I am so very impressed! The mei tai looks great, and I love that you were able to sew with your little helper. And that green is perfect for Girl Scouts!

  2. Welll aren't you so very clever! I coudn't sew my way out of a brown paper bag!
    Your baby is adorable! I'd tote her around too for as long as she'd allow.


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