Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Surf: 7 Days, 7 Links

Let's see, week 1 I posted six links. Last week (week 2) I posted seven links. Seven seems like a good number for a weekly link list - what with 7 days in a week and all. So today I have seven more for you. Feel free to come back every day and choose a new link. (Alright, I really do surf all your blogs every day, or at least watch for new entries.)

  • I tend to follow a blog to a blog to a blog. Saturday I followed to an entry (blog / post / article? I never know what to call these darned things!) that cracked me up! I so enjoy it when Mothers get down and dirty with the nasty truth online (or in person, for that matter)! Check out Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday for a good chuckle.

  • Last week I linked an article by Alfie Kohn. The topic sticks with me and apparently with Hobo Mama, too. Last week I followed one of her links on needing to be seen. It offers a touching real-life example of how to let kids know that you notice them, without offering your approval. I felt the link was worth passing along, obviously. It seems I have to steal one link from her every week, I think. Thanks Hobo Mama!

  • Then I often have to actually link directly to Hobo Mama as well. She has continued to think on this same topic and yesterday wrote why "good kid" bothers me. This praise and approval vs unconditional love thing is really quite the food for thought! It has me analyzing how I have interacted with my 12yo daughter as well as trying to improve my habits for both my girls' benefits. She goes on to express that our children really ARE good, so why shouldn't we express that to them as well? There are, of course, more links there to follow on this topic!

  • Do you know How to Spot a BPA-Free Store Receipt? I did not even know this was an issue! I guess we didn't know it about plastic until it hit the news, either. But seriously! They're crinkly, my baby loves to get her hands on the receipt! This also has me wondering about the weird paper we use at work. Oh dear.

  • My husband and I had already decided to eventually try for a boy (the plan has been to conceive this coming Summer). It has been discussed again recently, and I brought up circumcision. His attitude has been "my son will be cut!" He wanted me to argue my point immediately, while I wanted to wait for gender confirmation (we're not even pregnant!). He pressed. I told him I'd need to do my research first.

    prepuce circumcision
    That night I inundated him with links in his FB mail! He doesn't want to have to clean out smegma. Mind you, I do most of the "dirty work" when it comes to our baby. Also, as Paul M. Fleiss, M.D., M.P.H. points out in The Case Against Circumcision last year, that "cleaning" is a myth. You actually shouldn't pull back your son's foreskin at all. No one but your son should do that.

    In fact, I even argued that we don't clean under our daughter's prepuce. I thought this was quite the witty example, if I do say so myself! Dr. Fleiss wrote an entire book (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision) on the subject. You may feel like you're reading a book from this one article, but there is an absolute wealth of knowledge offered there!

  • Seeing Past What it Seems... I got this link from The Organic Sister and I think she said it well, "If we could all read and remember this..." I just don't think I can preface it any more specifically than that. Go. Read. See.

  • Oooooh, Code Name: Mama, this is a good one! Gossiping About Our Children is short and to the point (so if you only have a few minutes today, pick this link). I am a bit of a gossip. This one makes a very important point.

I hope you've found something here that touched you and applies to your life. If not, I hope you at least had a good laugh or found some interesting stuff. Tune in next week for seven (?) more links!
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