Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Surf: First Edition

I've been wanting to pull off a Sunday Surf and have been working towards the idea. I started a "Weekly Link List?" folder for bookmarks that might make the cut. This list may be short, but I like this idea... not only for sharing, but also as a reference back to the links for myself! This first list also took me more than a week to put together, but I would like to try to do this regularly, so I hope I get better at it!

  • The Natural Parents Network just launched and I'm excited about it! The site offers great articles and links as well as an actual forum for connecting with our community!

  • Each time I've had a new baby, I've had to lower my standards. This post by Goofy Mama is another of many where I've seen other mothers confess how rarely they shower after having a baby. This is a thing I'd found fairly embarrassing, so all the posts I've seen lately on this topic have been very reassuring. And now I can call it being green, too! Thanks go out to Hobo Mama for this one.

  • I've recently taken up making bento lunches as a hobby. I've been reading so many sites and looking at pics and checking out recipes... I'll probably share some of those links eventually unless I create a separate blog for bento. That said, this recipe for Sandwich Sushi is so cool! It is one of those ways to make veggies fun for kids. My 12yo, however, didn't care for it. I love it! It is a great bento ingredient!

  • 5 Things Your Unschooler Needs to Know was included in my post Monday night. However, it bears mentioning again. I'm in a phase right now where I am reevaluating my priorities. I feel like I've made some pretty big decisions this week to make some major changes in my life and my plans. This post helped me along this path.

  • I am subscribed to a LiveJournal community for hand made gift ideas. And Giftmas is right around the corner! However, I followed a link on Hobo Mama's blog tonight and then clicked on a link there... I often surf around the world one link at a time like this! Anyway, this felt fairy house (tutorial) is such a neat and easy-looking project! I think my niece might love one for Giftmas!

  • To go right along with my big decisions of late, Hobo Mama shared an awesome link today about Unjobbing. I had never heard the term, but it makes sense to me. You can, of course, read more at the link, but it sounds a bit like unschooling. I think I'll be researching this more as I try to find a solution to my 40-hours-away-from-home issue.

Not so terribly short after all! You can find other Sunday Surfs at Hobo Mama including a list of other others at the bottom of her post.
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