Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fat Bottom Babies Review

Have you ever made a new friend in a comment thread on Facebook? Well that is how I met Tabatha, the mom behind Fat Bottom Babies. We discovered right away that we had a lot in common and we decided that a diaper review would be mutually beneficial. Yay for free diapers!

I was so excited when my package arrived! I received 1 adorable cloth diaper cover, 1 double snap insert set, a set of 3 velour doublers, and a tube of diaper cream.

These diapers look different than pretty much everything else on the market. There are some seriously cute options available that I've never seen elsewhere. The color coded snaps are a feature I've often wished my covers had! Do you hate counting snaps every time you change a diaper? I do!

Image short descriptionHere is Spencer sleeping in the Fat Bottom Babies diaper stuffed with a big prefold. A lot of my prefolds are too big for him.

I've never been a fan of snap-in inserts and tend to use prefolds myself. This cover works just fine with prefolds, but I was amazed at the absorbency of the snap-in inserts! They did take longer to dry than my prefolds, though.

With the number of snaps and the layout, the sizing seems infinite. You could definitely put a little newborn into this thing! And I absolutely love how trim-fitting it is! This sucker is snug in all the right places without cutting into my little man's legs!

Two rows of snaps at the waist secure the diaper and will not curl, twist or roll. Offset the top row for chubbier/skinnier bellies and offset the bottom row for skinnier/chubbier thighs. Cross over snapped wings allow a fit to be adjusted from very small to very large.

Image short descriptionTabatha, the mom behind Fat Bottom Babies, holding Spencer... in his FBB diaper!

One thing I hate about cute diapers: they require covers. Why on earth would you make a diaper adorable and then have to cover it up with something else? Well not so with these puppies! These things are cute and you can show them off! I usually keep Spencer in onesie-style outfits, but I want him in t-shirts with this diaper just so I can show it off.

How about a discount?! Use the code MJ0615P between now and July 31st for a 15% discount!

Disclosure: I received a free cloth diaper for review.
I only seek out products that I believe will be of interest to my readers.
If I don't like a product, I won't be recommending it to you.

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