Friday, June 29, 2012

Hippies wear Dreads

Welcome to my 400th post! In honor of this milestone, I'm embarking on a new project. Read on:

The tag line for my FB Page is "a slightly crunchy momma sliding down the slippery slope to full-on hippydom." I've been a bit of a hippie for a while and it just seems to get... worse? Ha! And you know what, I have wanted to try out dreadlocks for a long time. I'd been told that "white chicks can't pull off dreads." Pfft. Actually, I worried that it was true. I asked several friends for their opinions on this, including a black friend. Even she was supportive! (I'd read on some forums that it is thought that white people shouldn't have dreads.)

I'd been thinking about them again... began researching them. I brought the idea to my husband again and he was supportive. I even learned that you don't have to shave your head to come back from dreads.

So I knew I wanted to do this dread thing. And I knew I wanted to blog about it. I found and contacted a company that makes all natural dread products. Knotty Boy was willing to sponsor a review / blog project for me. I was giddy! I'd already found a couple of friends willing to participate in a "dread party."

Knotty Boy Sponsorship ProductsI received a Deluxe Dreadlock Starter Kit plus a few extras.

There are some dreadlock products available on the market that contain some nasty ingredients. If you're reading this blog, you probably prefer to go natural when possible. Not only are Knotty Boy products all natural, all but one of their products are even vegan! (Their dread wax is made with beeswax, which they source from small local beekeepers who treat their bees very nicely indeed.)

How in the heck to get started?! Well, Knotty Boy also offers tutorials that aren't bogged down with too much information (like I found elsewhere). Your friends can watch 20 minutes worth of videos and be ready to dread your hair! But I am getting ahead of myself...

I started by cutting shampoo out of my routine. I started washing with Bee-Washed Pre-Dreading & De-Waxing Soap. I can not seem to figure out a way to describe the scent of this stuff. It almost has no scent. It smells very natural, clean and a tiny bit sweet. I love it! You can absolutely tell that it leaves no residue behind!

Bee-Washed Pre-Dreading & De-Waxing SoapIngredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Castor Bean and Hemp, Red Kaolinite Clay, Organic Essential Oils of Cedar Wood, Fir Needle, Pine and Spruce

I used it for a couple weeks before my dread party, but since I dyed my hair a few days prior, I went ahead and did the recommended double-wash with this soap before the party. I could definitely feel the difference. I think my hair color may have had conditioners in it.

I did that double-wash the day before my dread party. I towel-dried my hair and then I braided it. I think I could have done better with more, smaller braids, but I am terribly inexperienced with braiding my own hair. Plus I already had to steal hair bands from Sasha to hold some of the braids!

I'll leave you with a night-before picture.

Pre-dreadlock braidsI was squinting my eyes like crazy due to the bright sun of the day.

I threw on an upcycled t-shirt head band (just a sleeve) for sleeping and called it a night. Stay tuned for updates and photos!


  1. Excellent! I look forward to watching your dreads emerge!

  2. I'm loving my dreaded extensions. Most of my hair has naturally dreaded where I put them in, so I think I may just go ahead and dread my short hair and then add new extensions and keep dreading as they grow out. I love having something different from the past 4 years!

  3. Wax is absolutely horrible for dreads. I recommend avoiding using that. Take it from someone who used Knotty Boy dread wax, it just sits in there. IT DOES NOT COME OUT EASILY AT ALL! It took me 9 months to get out the very little amount that I used and it doesn't really help the lockingg process. Sure it will hold the hair together, just the same as glue would. In fact, its more like glue than anything. Knots are created through movement and wax inhibits movement. AVOID!! The only thin good from Knotty Boy is their shampoo and their tightening gel and even that shit is pretty expensive. There are much better products out there.

    1. Quite a bit of my wax came out after one wash, but I'll be posting more about that later.

      There are certainly different opinions regarding wax or no wax. I'm choosing to try with wax. People seem to be pretty passionate one way or the other.

    2. The wax vs no wax is a definite debate in the dread world guys. There is lots of information out there and its definitely important to educate yourself so you can make a good decision for yourself. Wax definitely can cause damage and trap water if used incorrectly. Plus there are lots of waxes on the market have petroleum products and other icky stuff that is no good for dreads. Knotty Boy wax is 100% all natural and does wash out of your dreads completely after a few washes - we've removed lots of dreads created with wax to prove it! Remember, you only need the smallest amount and you should always follow the product directions and your common sense. We know there are lots of ways to create dreads and offer information on lots of them on our website. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help finding the information!

  4. totally awesome! ive always wondered how it was done. that was so cool of you to blog about it. im glad they make a natural product that you were able to use.

    1. Stay tuned for more! You can click the dreadlocks category. I have an update overdue, too!


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