Friday, December 14, 2012

Peeling the Paint off my Butt

The shower heads in our new place feel like they could peel paint! I got to looking while they were running and figured out the problem. Some of the little rubber nozzles were clogged because some of them were not shooting water out at all. This was causing water to shoot out that much harder through the open nozzles.

My very first thought was CLR. I have gotten rid of all chemical cleaners, though. I really don't want anything in the house that requires an MSDS. CLR is considered "Greenvenient™," but I'm not sure what that means. Could I possibly duplicate the results with vinegar? Here is what I tried:

I got my hand wet, sprinkled baking soda all over it, then just scrubbed the shower head with my palm.

I put enough vinegar into a baggie to submerge the shower head, much like I've seen done on CLR commercials.

I put the baggie over the shower head and used a rubber band double-wrapped to hold it in place. Then I went to check on the cookies that were baking!

I rinsed the shower heads by running a little water through them and poured a little water over them, too. A few hours later, I took a shower. I saw marked improvement, but could still see that some nozzles were at least partially blocked. I just massaged them or scratched across them and the water started coming through just fine. I lost no paint in that shower.

Warning: When standing outside the tub and turning on the shower - make sure it isn't pointed at you!

What is your favorite homemade cleaning concoction / use?
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