Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 26

Day 174 - June 23

They play together a lot these days.

Day 175 - June 24

Spencer had his 2nd eye doctor visit. His far sightedness has gotten worse in his left eye, but the astigmatism seemed to be gone.

Day 176 - June 25

Spencer still loves the Z-Vibe. It doesn't seem to get him to mimic or talk during his Speech Therapy, but I've seen a drastic increase in his jabbering since Jordan started using it with him.

Day 177 - June 26

I bet you didn't know these bead toys were actually push toys, did you?
This was in the Pediatrician waiting room for his 18 month Well Child Check.

Day 178 - June 27

He doesn't actually do this, I put him on the car to try it again, though.
He just uses it as a push toy. Its convertible.

Day 179 - June 28

I just love seeing him on his tippy toes!
These 2 drawers have been claimed for Spencer.

Day 180 - June 29

We had some good ice cream... and it had this little chasm in it.

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