Friday, June 28, 2013

First Dreadiversary!

June 21st is a big day! It is the first [official] day of Summer! This year it was the 2nd anniversary of my mother's death. And... it was the 1st anniversary of dreading my hair. Its been an interesting year.

Image short description
My Very First Dreadlock

Honestly, my focus on my dreadlocks has been a nice distraction from sadness over my mom. And I've learned so much over the last year! My dreadlocks were originally backcombed. We used wax at the time. Since then I stopped using wax at the request of a "loctician." I've had my dreads professionally maintained once. I've gotten a tool to do some upkeep myself. Mostly, I've learned that dreadlocks are more work than I thought they would be. I've also learned that people LIKE dreadlocks! I get compliments, comments and questions all the time! I still love my 64 60 dreads!

So I was faced with a question... how did I want to commemorate my "dreadiversary?" I asked some other dready mommas online for ideas and couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it myself: a bead!

On my Dreadiversary, I actually got to go to the Bead Merchant all by myself! (I almost never leave home without Spencer.) I browsed around and told the owner what I was seeking. She looked around and helped me find a dish of handmade zodiac beads... they didn't have every zodiac left, but they had mine: Pisces. It felt like fate!

Momma Jorje: First Dreadiversary Bead
Handmade Bead $9 or so

I did look some more, in case anything else spoke to me even more than this bead. Then I found a bead that resembled one I'd been wanting! Specifically, it is metal with spaces that are bare so you can see through the bead to the hair. I love these on dreads!

Momma Jorje: First Dreadiversary Bonus Bead
I don't think this one was handmade, it was only about 90¢.
I clearly need to clean up this lock, though!

The first bead is my official commemorative bead. The second was just bonus. I also wear 7 other beads in my locks. Have you done things to commemorate unusual anniversaries? You can find all of my dreadlock posts here or see posts about my mom by searching my blog for Gran.


  1. what a cool idea! your locks are lovely; i really like your hair color. happy dreadiversary!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story of commemoration. I also have an anniversary of a sad and tragic loss coming up very soon. For the past three years, I have spent countless moments of preceding months reflecting on how I should commemorate the loss of life. Usually I decide on a very small act, maybe just a facebook post to remind those close to me that the date is here and that my heart is open. Your post reminds me that there are many other small ways to mark remembrance and love. Thanks.

  3. They're beautiful! I love that you're celebrating your dreadiversary, and I'm glad to hear that it's been a welcome distraction from grieving your mom. <3 Thinking of you, and congratulations!

  4. I love beads in dreads. Have you worn them since this post?

    1. I wore them for a while, then removed them... when I was planning to dye my hair, I think. Or maybe to do the wraps. I don't even remember why now. I had planned to rearrange them. I was wearing several beads back then.


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