Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 36

Day 244 - September 1

Spencer's first haircut, I trimmed his bangs using the "twist and cut" method.
Then I put shoes on him for the first time ever! He wasn't sure what to think.
Fitting, since today's WW theme on NPN is Shoes.

Day 245 - September 2

Spencer with "Doula Jenni"
I swear, half the reason we attended the
Improving Birth Rally was to visit our birth team!

Day 246 - September 3

A secondary hobby we've picked up is photographing Vanity Plates that
we see out & about ourselves. I'm collecting them in an album on Facebook.

Day 247 - September 4

I had no idea that this park had added an herb garden!
If it weren't for geocaching, I probably never would have known.

Day 248 - September 5

Oklahoma Lighthouse #5
I hunt at least one cache per day. This was a Virtual Cache.

Day 249 - September 6

"Uncle" Brandon stopped by right after work and
stayed long enough for 1 quick round of Candy Land.

Day 250 - September 7

I got Spencer's high chair strapped to a chair, so we've been eating at the table more...
I find I'm more inspired to serve square meals (including veggies!) this way.

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