Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 46

Day 314 - November 10

I recently joined a local GIVE group on Facebook. No trades, no sales, no expectations. I had these drugs left over from when the kids had Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Spencer only had one little dose of each, I think. Anyway, now they've gone to people that can use them.

Day 315 - November 11

I was trying to treat some goopy eye with breastmilk.
I'm not a very good aim. Spencer finds this hilarious!

Day 316 - November 12

Do you usually let your kids play with these?
Does it depend on where they are?

Day 317 - November 13

No mess is complete until the hamper has been emptied, too!

Day 318 - November 14

Just another vanity plate I caught... at the local library.
I look for them everywhere I go.

Day 319 - November 15

Spencer still sleeps through an adjustment from time to time.
He did wake during this one.

Day 320 - November 16

I recently taught Spencer how to use a straw!
Yes, of course he uses his feet!

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