Friday, November 1, 2013

The 2013 Gratitude Challenge

I think it is important to appreciate what you have and not just on Thanksgiving. Its important to remember to be grateful when your life feels abundant, but perhaps even more-so when times are hard. That said, I have some tough things going on right now and am having a hard time over here so... I want to challenge myself to remember all the things in my life for which to be grateful. I enjoyed the challenge at Let's Take the Metro a couple of years ago, so I'm going to challenge you in a similar fashion. Are you ready?

My Gratitude Challenge for you is: List 100 things for which you are grateful. Post it on Thanksgiving Day.

One hundred things? You bet! Don't think you can do it? That's why I'm giving you most of the month to toil, dream, wrack your brain and mark down each and every thing for which you're grateful. (Actually, I am sure you and I both have far more than 100, but let's try to keep this reasonable.)

What should this list look like? The only "rule" I would like to give you, per say, is to not duplicate anything on your list. If you have written a gratitude post before, you are certainly more than welcome to re-list any of those contents (assuming you're still grateful for them).

Some examples:

Try not to include the same item more than once:
8. Garden Spiders
45. Garden Spiders

Do include different facets of the same item (if you like):
3. Garden Spiders eating the pests from my garden.
25. Garden Spiders leaving beautiful webs for us to enjoy!
67. Garden Spiders posing for my photography hobby.

See the difference? You can also see my 2011 edition here.

I hope many of you will join me in this challenge. I plan to provide a badge and a link-up in the final Thanksgiving post. That way we can all connect to make the rounds to view other posts to admire everyone's lists (and have those "oh yeah, that, too!" moments). You could even read your list aloud at the Thanksgiving table! Please let me know if you want to participate, but don't have a blog / space. I'll help find a home for your post!

See you in 4 weeks! Get to work!
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