Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mamatography 2013 - Week 52 (+3)

Day 356 - December 22

Sasha was having a rough day, so I put her on.
Spencer had to be held, too! This makes cooking a little more difficult.
Worth it.

Day 357 - December 23

We unwrapped 1 gift each... early.
Earlier: Spencer had his OT appointment / Holiday Party
Later: Ronni's Dental Cleaning

Day 358 - December 24

I gave Sasha a haircut. It was much overdue.
Earlier: We opened our 1 other present each.
Later: Made cookies to share with Santa.

Day 359 - December 25

Checking out the Stocking Loot
Later: went to Grandpa's house

Day 360 - December 26

I think he likes his "MP3 Player" he got for his birthday.
We also had Cheesecake.

Day 361 - December 27

Sasha did great at the dentist, too!
We love our new dentist.

Day 362 - December 28

My first Gluten Free shopping trip.

Day 363 - December 29

Birthday Cake!
(Gluten Free)

Day 364 - December 30

Spencer had his 2 year Well Child Check, too.

Day 365 - December 31

Spencer using his "MP3 Player" toy as a phone after his Pulmonology appointment.

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