Friday, December 27, 2013

the right book...

On a typical night, I get Sasha ready for bed and then read a bedtime story before taking her up to bed. On a typical night, Spencer would fuss and yell and even pee while I was trying to get through a story. Even if I wore him on my back and held the book where he could see it, he was just not interested.

We go to a Library Storytime for Preschoolers almost every week. Neither of the kids actually pay attention to the stories there, either. Sasha is much more interested in the other kids (and, more importantly, their toys). Spencer just wants to explore (if he isn't on my back). During a recent storytime, our Ms. Vicky read The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (affiliate link) Mo Willems is her favorite author.

Whenever Ms. Vicky reads a Pigeon book, she uses a particular voice for Pigeon. She read this book with the same crazy, gruff voice for Pigeon and a very tiny voice for Duckling. The story looked fun and Sasha also likes the Pigeon books, so I checked the book out for the week's bedtime story stash. Spencer was busy playing when I started to read, as he often is. I mimicked the voices Ms. Vicky uses (as well as I could). Spencer came over to watch and giggle. Every time Pigeon spoke, he giggled. He was glued to the story! Both the kids enjoyed it.

Ever since that one, fateful night, Spencer has been interested in Story Time every night! I always try to be animated when I read aloud. But now I feel like (mostly) I have both kids' full attention! Spencer has even started to bring books to me to read to him. He is more patient to let me get through those.

The moral(s) of our story?
  1. Be animated and fun when reading to your kids!
  2. Don't give up, you may just not have found the right book yet.
    And bonus:
  3. Some funny voices hurt your throat! Try not to be so over the top as to be painful.
What books are kid-favorites in your household?
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