Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 50

In memory of Norman Bridwell, author who created Clifford the Big Red Dog, who passed away this morning at age 86. My kids have all loved Clifford.

Day 341 - Sunday - December 7

Foam Number Tiles
Picked up these foam number tiles for free.
I plan to use them for flooring in the playhouse.

Day 342 - Monday - December 8

Preschool Bedroom with Toys
She's somewhere in there!

Day 343 - Tuesday - December 9

kids on a table
What do unschoolers do?
This is a group of kids, of varying ages, playing together atop a table.
They did this on their own, including the part where the ages are mixed.

Day 344 - Wednesday - December 10

Toddler, reading with Speech Therapist
Reading a Clifford book with his Speech Therapist.
Spencer learned the sign for "tail" during this session.

Day 345 - Thursday - December 11

Dry Erase Alphabet on Mirror by Preschooler
Sasha wrote the alphabet all on her own for the first time.
Daddy had her singing the ABC song to remember which letter was next.

Day 346 - Friday - December 12

My 365 Feminist Selfie project is almost over.
This is my favorite shirt.

Day 347 - Saturday - December 13

Toddler asleep on board book: Clifford
Sweet boy, asleep on top of a Clifford book.


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