Thursday, December 9, 2021

What's the Opposite of Germophobe?

The most convenient sickness to hit our entire family was right after we moved into a government subsidized, 3 bedroom, 2½ bath house. Literally within a week, we all had the flu. With 5 of us, I was very thankful for those 3 toilets! Prior to that move, we lived in a travel trailer and tried to only use the on site facilities for such "movements," rather than our own toilet (which required dumping about once per month).

Gee, I have no idea how Ronni got sick!

I've tried to keep my kids apart when they're sick, but... it just seems impossible. Who is going to turn away a pitiful sick child asking to be held and snuggled? Not that big brother!

Lots of random naps throughout the house as we all had the plague.

We all managed to rest a lot, lounging and napping all over the downstairs of the house, mostly. This certainly made it easier to keep an eye on everyone and provide sustenance. We had almost zero furniture at the time, so we just napped where we landed.
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