Friday, March 26, 2010

Complex Carbohydrate?

I made Potato Soup at Gran's last night. Started with water, potatoes, onions, celery and ham. Before adding any milk or cream, I pulled some potatoes out to cool. Sasha had them in her mesh feeder. She liked them! She chewed and sucked on the mesh. The soup was wonderful. I can't wait to have it leftover for lunch today, it'll be even better!
Yukon Gold Potatoes
I think the hardest part for me is getting past my preconceived notions that she shouldn't try any more than 1 ingredient every three days. Yeah, she could react to the celery, onions, potatoes OR the ham. But... it isn't likely anyway. They aren't high allergy foods and I don't really have any food allergies. Neither does her Daddy.

So... yay for a little potato soup for Sasha! Maybe I'll boil or bake another potato for her soon.
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