Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Introduction to Solids

Sasha with Garlic CauliflowerWe (Sasha & I) are figuring out this whole eating real food thing. She has tried plain steamed carrots. Ew. Really? I want her to eat what I eat, what was I thinking? Yes, I ate the carrots, too. They were... a little awful. She has also tried Garlic Cauliflower. Now we're talkin'! I feel kind of bad, though, for using something out of a bag, pre-seasoned. The ingredient list wasn't too long, though it did have soy in it. She hasn't had any reaction, though, other than liking it!

I'd like to try yogurt, but I'm nervous there, too. I've read that it is okay because the live culture breaks down the milk fats that can be so difficult for babies to digest. It seems like a great in-between food. I have rice cereal, but I only have a little breast milk frozen for emergencies. (I'd mix the cereal with milk, not water.) I haven't been pumping since she has gone on a complete bottle strike. She will just wait until Mommy gets home.

So that is where things stand. I need to research yogurt some more (if anyone reading this has advice, I'm all eyes!). I'll serve leftover cauliflower tomorrow.
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