Monday, March 29, 2010

Women Go in Pairs

Baby Bjorn Little PottyWe had a great EC kind of weekend! Now that Sasha can sit up so well (even better on her BBLP!), I moved her potty from the kitchen counter, where I could support her back easily, to the bathroom floor. It sits in the corner, directly across from the toilet. So now in the morning, as usual, I take Sasha's diaper off, then bring her downstairs to her potty. Only now, I go at the same time. No more rushing to go before her or holding it to go after her. I hate doing the pee pee dance while trying not to rush her. This new system is working very well. I sit on the potty every time she does. Talk about a signal to go! Now she hears Mommy pee and she pees. I still throw in the verbal signal, too. heh

I keep an extra BBLP in the car. She used it at Grandma & Grandpa's this weekend, too!
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