Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Towels

How many towels does a household need? Some people feel the need to wash their towels after each use. Some of us are comfortable using towels more than once (and don't want to wash tons of towels!).

We have 8 towels:

  • Daddy - 2
  • Mommy - 2
  • Tyler - 1 towel in her favorite color
  • Sasha - 1 baby towel
  • Spencer - 1 baby towel
  • Extra - we have 1 beach towel we keep in the truck for emergencies.

We generally hang our towels up after our showers. I do laundry every other day when I have to wash diapers anyway. Sometimes we have to use our towels for EC misses, too. If the babies' towels aren't clean when we shower, we share our towels with them.

We have no "guest accommodations" in our home, so we have no need for guest towels. How many towels do you have for how many people in your home?

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  1. I somehow think it's funny that you have one towel per kid, because we have obscene amounts of baby towels. For whatever reason, it was THE gift people bought us for Mikko's baby shower. (Probably because they're cheap and easily accessible, and one of the things I'd registered for that was at "normal" stores! So, yeah, there are the reasons.) I feel vaguely unsettled about how many we have, because there's no reason to have more than one per child. We hang them up after use; our kids aren't particularly filthy; and when I'm doing laundry, I pop the towels in. Since our kids bathe less often than I do laundry, I never have to switch out towels. So sometimes I switch them anyway, just to rotate the stash! Thoughts on what I could do with excess towels? Family cloth, I guess. Their little hoods are so cute, though!

    Sam and I registered for dark blue towels for our wedding. We got pink towels and yellow towels and white towels. (People really do like to give us towels, huh?) Afterwards, we went to JC Penney and bought the towels we'd registered for and liked, and I've saved the others for use as guest towels. We do, in fact, get guests coming through a lot, so that's come in handy. I think we have two towels each of our dark blue ones, plus way too many washcloths. But I've rolled them decoratively into a basket, so that's all right. ;) I often wonder how gross our towels would look now after 14 years if they weren't dark blue! lol But I still like them, and they're holding up, so that's what we've got.

    You know what word sounds wrong after you've typed it a dozen times? Towel.

    1. That is a lot of towels! I would probably donate the extra baby towels, but you know I bet they'd be wonderful as one side of some family cloth! You could do that with the washcloths, too, for that matter.

      The hoods really ARE adorable, aren't they?! Sasha could really move up to a regular towel, but its just so darned cute. Oh, and I probably would have returned the towels originally - all the extras. I'm crazy about returning stuff, though. :-)

      Towel towel towel towel towel towel towel towel towel...


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