Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Join the Movement!

Have you been trying to follow along with any of the projects I've posted? Or perhaps got your own minimizing projects? Ever feel overwhelmed? Or even proud of your accomplishments? (I think it is important to celebrate small accomplishments.)

And the big question: Do you simply need a bit of accountability? Join in with my Monday Minimalist movement! Post your progress or your ideas. I'd love to have you join!

This is my 33rd week of doing my Monday Minimalist posts!

Hobo Mama is the one that suggested having a bloggy button for my MM posts. And then... she made a button for me! Isn't that awesome?!

Grab the button for your MM posts:

Momma Jorje: Monday Minimalist

A big thank you to Hobo Mama for creating the button! Please do let me know if and where you choose to participate so I can perhaps set up a link list of other MM blogs. Thanks for your support as we kick off a Monday Minimalist Movement!


  1. Yea for claiming your awesomeness! I'm so glad you write about minimalism every week, because I continually need inspiration. :)

  2. Are you becoming a button-o-holic? Because that's NOT minimalism ;) :)

  3. What perfect timing for me to see this and to get a button to boot! I have at least 3 major areas where I'm trying to let go of "stuff." One is minimizing my daughter's "stuff." And helping her understand the necessity and beauty in that. First, I realize I must do it myself! I need to ponder and then will jump in. I love this idea. I'll read back through some of those 33 weeks of posts!

  4. Thanks again Hobo Mama!

    Amanda, didn't you notice? The button itself is very minimalist. When Lauren suggested a button I said it would have to be very sparse.

    Great to have you join, Teresa! I hope you find some good inspiration in my posts. I plan to post about toys next week!

  5. This is awesome. I predict there will be at least a few MM posts coming up on the LF blog.


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