Friday, August 17, 2012

Maintance & Tips, to blunt or not to blunt?

I fell behind on my maintenance at one point, but I've taken it back up. I stay really busy, so I often wind up doing some palm rolling before bed. I procrastinated even working on the tips. Some people prefer not to blunt their tips at all. I have given it some thought, though, and think I do want to blunt them. Water doesn't drain out as well if our tips are blunted, but I prefer the classic look of the dreadlock going all the way down the hair.

Knotty Boy has a tutorial especially all about blunting tips. Tabatha came up with a slight variation on the method shown here and then I changed that up a little bit, too. I'd like to film my own tutorial and then make sure it works before sharing it. We'll see. I'm bad about procrastinating this sort of project and it has been majorly hot outside (where I would likely "film"). Knotty Boy invites members to upload tutorials. Tutorials that get chosen for use earn a 10% discount on their next purchase!

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Maintenance - Damp Palm RollingWorking on my hair after a shower. When I'm trying to get all of the locks, I tend to start in the front and work my way back.

As for that neglected maintenance, there is also only so much I can do alone. No one in my household is interested in helping me. My friend, Tabatha, has agreed to help me touch up my hair. Some locks need more back combing and I could use some solid palm rolling in the back. It is really hard to palm roll the back of your own head!

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Maintenance - Damp Palm RollingYou're supposed to palm roll your hair after washing your dreadlocks. In this heat, my hair dries really fast. I have to come straight home (from the shower facilities) and get right on it!

Palm rolling your damp dreadlocks help them keep a cylindrical shape, as well as encouraging loose hairs to reintegrate back into the lock. It will also help separate and keep new locks from grabbing onto and growing into each other.

I have really enjoyed all the supportive feedback I've been getting about my dreadlocks, keep it comin'! I am especially amused when I get a comment on an unrelated post and you add "By the way, I love your dreadlocks!" I hope if you're considering dreadlocks for yourself, I hope you will consider Knotty Boy products. Their tutorials have been really great, too!

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