Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sad News, Indeed

I kept hoping that all the suspicions and the news that leaked was wrong. Surely the American Academy of Pediatrics couldn't be bought. Surely they couldn't support circumcision right when so many countries are making the opposite decision. Not when even the American Cancer Society denounced circumcision as a preventative.

And so I waited, with bated breath... for the news to come. And so it did.

My naked, whole son & I, protesting the AAP's Circumcision stance.

There is an awful lot of money to be had by the medical industry from circumcisions. So many mothers have had to battle their families to do what is right for their sons. Now they don't have the AAP to back them up. Shame on you, AAP!

Tonight while chatting with my fellow Natural Parents Network volunteers about the AAP’s abhorrent policy change on circumcision, Amanda of Let’s Take the Metro spouted off a witty retort:

Cut your hair, cut a tooth, cut your bush, cut him loose, but don't cut a boy's penis!

If you are confused by the issues, if you want more information or need help, please check out my Circumcision Link List. Educate yourself and be an informed parent.
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