Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mamatography - Week 31

Day 211


Hot days are good for Splash Pad visits! It was actually not as hot this day, but it was still great fun! Sasha took a little warming up, despite this not being her first rodeo...

Don't let the stance fool you, I was absolutely soaked through and through!

She did warm up to it and didn't need me for long. She was running around getting all wet among even the big kids, all on her own! Also, I love this shot! Daddy did great taking pics for me!

Day 212


Sasha's favorite cousin had a birthday party at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

While there, we discovered that Spencer loves these things! We couldn't tell if it was the light or the vibration he preferred. We have a smaller version at home.

Day 213


The night before, our air conditioner started putting off this odd chlorine smell. Hubby was actually afraid to go to sleep, for fear it was poisoning him. (The rest of us were at the birthday party.) Well, this morning it was MUCH worse. The smell was nauseating him. We had to turn it off!

We had to escape the travel trailer, the kids were so miserable! We hung out at the shower / laundry facilities while we awaited the fix-it guy. Cost us $300 to have it fixed, but we really didn't have much choice. It wasn't chlorine, it was a burned CP board.

Day 214


When we left the day before, we closed up the travel trailer. I'd estimate it got up to maybe 130° in here! The refrigerator just could not keep up. When I went to make shakes, I found this melted ice cream in the freezer!

Day 215


One of the things we do to stay cool; Sasha lays on this corn bag fresh out of the freezer. On this day she opted to cuddle with it (while watching NetFlix) instead. She goes to bed on this thing every night. Maybe this winter we'll heat it up instead.

Day 216


This is one happy baby boy!

Day 217


Hard to catch on film, but Spencer has been practicing pushing himself up into a supported sitting position. Usually when I reach for the camera, he falls over.

We took the littles to the local reptile expo. Sasha was excited to see the snakes and turtles. We were there to trade a spider.

The sky was majorly overcast and yellow to the West. Notice how strange the sun's reflection looks in our neighbor's cars? It was like the end of days or some such. The Eastern sky was clear and blue. There were fires in several small towns West of our city.

Packed up the babies, our bed topper, and all of our pillows to go to the drive-in movies. The sky was so creepy still... then we started seeing lightning. Just as the film (previews) kicked on, the rain came. It became an entirely different experience and our mattress topper got soaked! We only had room to save the pillows.

We left the topper in the truck so it could dry the next day, but it rained even more that night! We weren't able to bring it back into the house until Monday!


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