Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 43

Day 293 - October 20

We traded vans the day before, but our "new" van broke down on us Sunday. We arrived at the Buddy Walk too late for freebies and even the walk portion. Sasha got to play in the inflatables and we got a team photo. I was very bummed.

Day 294 - October 21

I was trying to get a shot of his busted lip. He busted the outside of his lip at PT Monday.

Day 295 - October 22

Sasha got to decorate a pumpkin at Storytime.
Then I introduced her to Glue Sticks at home!

Day 296 - October 23

Spencer had some freedom to roam a bit as we
waited for our urgent endocrinology appointment.

Day 297 - October 24

Toys aren't enough for this boy, oh no.
All the laundry must be dragged out, too!

Day 298 - October 25

Sasha was having a rough day and it seemed like we all kept snapping at her.
Once I strapped her onto my back, things got better. She needed some special attention.
Earlier in the day: Spencer had blood drawn for the Endocrinologist.
Also earlier in the day: We found out Spencer is quite anemic.

Day 299 - October 26

Daddy Snuggles
Check out NPN: WW for a photo from a Fall Fest we attended, too.

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