Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 18

Day 117 - Sunday - April 27

We strapped both kids on for a while at the flea market.
At 4 years old, Sasha still loves to be worn!

Day 118 - Monday - April 28

The littles are having a blast at gymnastics!

Day 119 - Tuesday - April 29

Such an odd position for sleeping, even for in the van.

Day 120 - Wednesday - April 30

After dress rehearsal for the school talent show.
She sang Radioactive.

Day 121 - Thursday - May 1

Spencer has been burning the midnight oil lately.
This is how he suddenly passed out this day.

Day 122 - Friday - May 2

Gazillion Bubbles! No, seriously.
They made the bubble machine and their bubble goo beats the competition, hands down!

Day 123 - Saturday - May 3

Spencer, playing with some of our Flea Market Finds


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