Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 17

Day 110 - Sunday - April 20

Sasha loved hunting for eggs in our back yard! (She has never had a back yard before.)

Day 111 - Monday - April 21

We actually arrived at Gymnastics early enough to play outside first.

Day 112 - Tuesday - April 22

I love our Unschool Co-op! I think Carlee read this book to Spencer 3-4 times.

Day 113 - Wednesday - April 23

This boy loves him some french fries!
(McD's uses dedicated fryers for their fries, making them Celiac-safe.)

Day 114 - Thursday - April 24

Cathulhu brought in a... present(?) while I was getting kids ready for bed.
I don't think it was actually for me.

Day 115 - Friday - April 25

Sasha always winds up under the same tree... where there is bare dirt for playing.

Day 116 - Saturday - April 26

Vanity Plate: MARILYN


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