Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 33

Day 222 - Sunday - August 10

Found these weird things growing in my garden...

Day 223 - Monday - August 11

Occupational Therapy is hard work, don'tcha know!
Seriously, this pit is so much more fun since they added more balls.

Day 224 - Tuesday - August 12

OMG, there are chickens in my kitchen!

Day 225 - Wednesday - August 13

Charles brought his new baby brother over for a play date!

Day 226 - Thursday - August 14

Silly family moment:
Daddy has Samantha resting her foot on Sasha's back side so he can tie her shoe.

Day 227 - Friday - August 15

My son, the cholo.

Day 228 - Saturday - August 16

We attended an amazing first birthday party - at a Fire Station!


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