Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 34

Day 229 - Sunday - August 17

I think he likes liked it.

Day 230 - Monday - August 18

I drew up my very own Chicken Coop plans!

Day 231 - Tuesday - August 19

I found this lizard on my kitchen window!
I had no idea we even had lizards around here, much less of this color.

Day 232 - Wednesday - August 20

Sasha really enjoyed her vision exam. She looked so cute in glasses.
Ultimately, she was disappointed that she doesn't need glasses yet.

Day 233 - Thursday - August 21

I finally installed water wall bits onto the pallet that is attached to the fence!
It has room to grow.

Day 234 - Friday - August 22

Some fun while we waited... 5 hours from our appointment time
before they took him back for Oral Surgery.

Day 235 - Saturday - August 23

Someone was overdue for another haircut.
There are drawbacks of sitting him in the highchair for it, though. Ew.


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