Friday, October 3, 2014

Updated Review: Making Mama’s Milk Lactation Cookies - GF!

Back in May 2012, I wrote a review of Making Mama's Milk and More lactation Cookies for a joint giveaway with Natural Parents Network. At that time, I was having to give Spencer donor milk because I couldn't keep up with his demand. Oatmeal had been enough to help with Sasha and before that I had never had a problem. Nothing was working with Spencer... until this. Following the instructions and drinking water with my cookie(s), I immediately saw improvement! I never supplemented Spencer's breastmilk again. I have since recommended them to any and all that have had a supply issue.

Then Spencer was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I realized that I'd have to stop eating my amazing cookies. It may be noteworthy to mention, too, that I had the hardest time only eating 1-2 cookies per day. They're good, people! Anyway, I had to stop eating them. I started donating my sleeves of cookies to local struggling mothers. Then I mentioned the gluten thing (Celiac Disease) to the mom behind MMM&M. She informed me she had added GF cookies! I was shocked! Elated! Why hadn't I thought to ask?! Please send me some of those!

She just got new labels, so this is low tech right here.

As I mentioned, I've always enjoyed these cookies. They're good quality and they taste good! However, I have been gluten free for over 6 months and I know the reality - Gluten Free is just never quite as good. Imagine my surprise when my Gluten Free cookies arrived and... they were somehow even better than the original cookies! I could hardly believe it!

I feel a little bad for local moms that will no longer receive my sleeves of cookies, but I'm very happy to have my cookies back, too! I believe in and use this product! I believe in the company, too. Before giving up, please try these cookies. They are so worth your time! Please check out her site for more information. Like the Facebook page to catch her giveaways!

Disclosure: I did not receive any free samples for review purposes.
I already have a subscription for monthly cookie delivery.
I try to seek out only products I think you would find relevant and useful
to your life as a natural parent. If I don't like a product, I won't be
recommending it to you.

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