Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 43

Day 292 - Sunday - October 19

Buddy Walk Day! Our team: Spencer's Sidewinders

Day 293 - Monday - October 20

My friend brought his overage of male Dubia Roaches from his colony...
to treat our hens.

Day 294 - Tuesday - October 21

The pine shavings on his butt were cracking me up!

Day 295 - Wednesday - October 22

Spencer has taken a sudden interest in wearing his glasses!
Its still only a few minutes at a time, but its improvement.

Day 296 - Thursday - October 23

Yes, I still have a teenager.
And I love seeing her happy!

Day 297 - Friday - October 24

Stuff is still trying to bloom around here.

Day 298 - Saturday - October 25

Considering one of them is afraid of heights,
they sure like playing on the top bunk!


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