Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 39

Day 264 - Sunday - September 21

These 2 love to roughhouse these days.
I both love it and hate it.

Day 265 - Monday - September 22

Spencer was so pleased with himself after
pulling out the stool and climbing up on his own.

Day 266 - Tuesday - September 23

He's so far away!
Spencer is getting a little more space to roam free lately - within reason and safety.

Day 267 - Wednesday - September 24

The "Play with Me" program really tuckered him out!

Day 268 - Thursday - September 25

Spencer loved the mirrors in the House of Fun!
He had to kiss all the Spencers!!

Day 269 - Friday - September 26

Samantha was chosen as "Tiger of the Month" from her class!
We attended the assembly where she was presented with her award.

Day 270 - Saturday - September 27

Lounging around with Daddy and new Garage Sale finds!


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