Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Surf: Fun Stuff

I don't even remember what I did this week other than... Tyler started school and Sasha & I have had some rough nights. Oh, and I've been reading. I finished a book and then read an eBook. I have found some links for you in the last couple of weeks, though! (Last week was a special Sunday Surf: Circumcision Edition.)

  • Oh wow, I so want this shirt!
    I'll take a long sleeve T or a T-shirt, size Large. Besides, it would be novel to have an actual maternity shirt! I am so going to outgrow all my regular t-shirts. Of course I'd like to have the BOY version. lol

    The shirt is from Baby Talk Designs and is called the Skeleton Xray Maternity Top Halloween. It is just too cute! I might actually GO trick-or-treating if I had this shirt... but don't hold your breath. I'd definitely wear this shirt all through October and November and then some!

  • Code Name: Mama recently published an article about games you can play one-on-one (or more) with your little ones to help them develop their gross motor skills. There are a ton of great games! As it cools off, I really need to get my family outside and play some of these, though Sasha's gross motor skills are great!

    See the list of games for yourself at 23 Gross Motor Games and Activities for Preschoolers You Can Play with Two or More People

  • Jorje's 8th Grade School Picture, Monte Cassino Catholic Benedictine School
    In case you missed it, I had an article published on Natural Parents Network recently titled Anti-Faith. If you're concerned with how to open your child to different religious views (and how not to!), go over and take a look!

    You can see a larger version of this 8th grade school photo there, too. It was taken while I attended Monte Cassino Catholic Benedictine School.

  • And for fun (and because it is interesting), check out 7 Basic Things You Won't Believe You're All Doing Wrong from I knew some of this, but certainly not all. I'm sure you can learn something, too.

I hope you enjoyed the list this week. I'm going to have a Review / Giveaway for you coming soon! Also, next week will be another special themed Sunday Surf. Care to guess the topic? Any particular topic you'd like to see done as a theme?

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