Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Less Teeth??

That's right. I spent the weekend with a major toothache. I had a post on minimalism all planned out for you. A small project... I was even going to take my own photos for this one! <gasp!> But alas, I spent much of Sunday on the brink of tears! And Monday wasn't much better, except that I did get a same-day appointment with the dentist!

Tooth-extraction instruments at the British Dental Association MuseumTooth-extraction instruments at the
British Dental Association Museum
Photo Credit

And so, my mouth has now been minimized by 2 more teeth. I've also minimized my pain! So, my project is just going to have to wait until next Monday. I'm so sorry folks, I feel I've really let you down. Or let myself down. Or something. I do plan to return to our normally scheduled programming next week!
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