Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Helper

With record high temperatures (think Dust Bowl) and being pregnant, we haven't been getting out for any "Summer Fun" this year. We did, however, have a helper around a lot. Krystal is a 17yo gymnast that came to stay with us and help with Sasha (and then some!). We were able to help her with daily transportation to the gym. She definitely made Sasha's Summer fun!

Krys, Sasha, and a laptop

Krys, Sasha, and an iTouch

Gymnast Krystal, icing her ankle and snuggling with Sasha

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  1. Oh definitely! Sasha is going to miss that girl! She'll definitely have to visit.

  2. How cool is that! I love seeing kids of different ages together. :)

    Visiting from Hobo Mama & Natural Parents Network! Which means you have to go link up on mine now. :)


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