Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Surf: More than the Usual

I believe it was just last week that I said I noticed a trend - I only post a few links each weekend, so I said I was going to stop putting "Light List" or whatever in the subject line. Well go figure, I have more links than usual this week! Ready to get started?

  • There is so much more your children can learn through homeschooling than they can learn in a "traditional" school environment. (I think homeschooling IS the most traditional, personally!) Of course, you could teach a lot of these things to your children even if they went to school, but where would you find the time? Check out Extra credit: 25 non-traditional subjects to teach in your homeschool.

  • Ever heard of a Walking Taco?? I hadn't! It sounds delish, although I'm not actually a big fan of Fritos. It looks kinda fun, actually! And talk about a meal on the go!

  • Natural Parents Network has a lot of giveaways going these days! In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, check out this Giveaway: The Nursing Mother’s Companion. There will be 5 winners!

  • Now here's an interesting project... Ever wish you could just get some *nice* mail in your actual, physical mail box? (without having to order something!) When was the last time you got out pen and paper? Well now you don't have to (at least for ONE letter). Snail Mail My Email is an interactive community art project which seeks to both share the warm-fuzzy feeling of receiving a personalized letter as well as inspire people to send their own snail mail, but it ends soon! Go check out how you can send an email and your recipient will get a nice, handwritten letter in their mailbox!
    How do I go green?
  • Could you use a smaller power bill? Who couldn't?! Sustainable Baby Steps offers you Energy Saving Tips: 85+ Ways to Save Power!

  • Voice of America did an interview with the co-founders and an author from Natural Parents Network for a story. A handful of images were sent for VoA to use and they chose MINE! It is the headline photo! It's Sasha at the breast, I'm sure you've seen it. But there is something so very cool about seeing it up on top of this great article (however un-edited it is). Health Experts Urge Mothers Worldwide to Breastfeed. Funny thing is, when my mother first saw this photo she said I should get it published somewhere. Tada!

  • I know several mothers whom are expecting their second child. This little one won't be my second, but for the first time ever, this will be my second child so close together. Make sense? Using Candles to Deal with the Belief Behind the Behavior is a sweet idea on helping new siblings adjust. I plan to keep it in mind, but also wonder if Sasha will still be too young to grasp this concept. Also, I got rid of all of my candles.

Thanks for checking out my list this week. Tune in next week for a special Intact Edition of Sunday Surf!!

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