Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Surf: Heavy Week

When does nesting start? I've been sorting and washing baby items this week. I had no idea I had received SO many baby clothes and I feel very good about being prepared. In the meantime, I saved plenty of links for you this week. Here they are, with my thoughts on the links...

  • While looking for hospital birth videos this week I stumbled upon this video about the breast crawl. I can not believe I had never heard of this! The poor woman delivers on her back, but otherwise... amazing! That lead me to seek out There is another video on their site that includes some instruction on how to initiate the crawl with a newborn. If you're expecting (or love birth stuff), you definitely want to check this out!

  • Have you seen the recent ads coming out against cosleeping? Many are downright offended, especially by the misrepresentation of facts. Read the Kitchen Witch's post on Common Sense and Cosleeping for the gist as well as the real numbers.

  • Did that cosleeping stuff get you fired up? Well if so, I'm sure you'll be interested to know that Monkey Butt Junction is hosting a Safe Cosleeping Carnival. Blog Carnivals are a lot of fun and a great way to "meet" other bloggers with similar ideals (and bring you new traffic).

  • I'm sure you won't be surprised to "hear" that Pediatricians write more than 10 million unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions. Parents should not expect a scrip for an antibiotic every time their child has some sort of infection. I know a lot of doctors prescribe them just to shut moms up.

  • You've surely seen videos of dancing Flash Mobs, right? Very cool! Well you should check out The Levity Project from The Levity Institute and their recent Grocery Store Dancing Micro-Movement. Find out how you can participate!

I hope you've enjoyed my whopping 5 or so links this week! Which of these links inspired you to click?

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