Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Surf

Was very busy today! (I'll post more on that tomorrow!) Good thing I had already gathered a few links for you this week.

  • I have always had a hard time around perfumes, colognes and many "air fresheners." It seems the world is catching up to me! Check out Clear The Air: Scented Candles, Air Fresheners Can Be Irritating from NPR's Health Blog.

  • Was anyone else made a bit nervous by the recent nation-wide test (the first of its kind) of the Emergency Broadcast System? As if that wasn't bad enough, take a peek at Potential loophole in vaccine law could mandate vaccines in children during declared emergency.

  • Someone linked a blog this week: Free-Range Kids. I'll admit that the term does carry some negative connotation in my mind. I have known some families that never said no to their kids. One of said kids tried to convince my very small child to enter a storm drain in a park. It was an ugly issue. However, I get the idea behind Free Range Kids. More-so, I think I could benefit from letting go a bit more. I'm doing better with my teenager, whom I tended to Helicopter Parent when she was younger. Click over and read real life experiences with raising Free Range Kids and how those children react.

What caught your eye this week?

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