Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Surf

Not much to report this week. How about a few links?

  • A Brooklyn performance artist plans to give birth before a live audience at her new installation, "The Birth of Baby X." I was kind of following along and thought it was interesting until I reached this bit: “Raising Baby X,” in which she will "re-contextualize the everyday act of raising a child into a work of performance art,” the gallery says. Um... okay. It just seemed like it discredited the entire thing. Your thoughts?

  • National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 includes a strong image of a woman after a home water birth. I think any woman that has gone through birth (consciously) can relate to the expression on the woman's face. Click over to being pregnant to see it.

    Asleep in CarseatBonus Pic for stopping by!
    Plus its just too cute not to share.

  • This next article is so good! Much like discovering Natural Parenting (the title for what I was already doing), this article backs up a lot of my thoughts. It covers delayed cord clamping as well as being gentle with a newborn (rather than drying them or scrubbing the vernix off of them). I was so irritated when Sasha was born because I couldn't get the nurse to stop rubbing it off. The article doesn't specifically refer to vernix, but rather goes over being gentle in general. Click over to read The Newborn Baby's First Moments of Life; Transitions After Birth.

Have you read anything shocking or beautiful lately?

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