Friday, July 27, 2012

Dread Maintenance

One of my new favorite dos:

Dreadlock ponytailsIts dreadlock ponytails! I love the look!
This was one of my first attempts.

A couple things I noticed after my first shampoo: First, I wasn't thorough enough. My scalp was still a little itchy. Besides the Peppermint Cooling Moisture Spray, Knotty Boy offers a tutorial for a DIY Vinegar Itchy Scalp Remedy. I was definitely experiencing some built-up residue from hair follicles. It is kind of gross when I scratch my head and get it under my nails. (This isn't new to my head with the dreadlocks, btw.)

For my second shampoo, I did spray the vinegar concoction, wait a few minutes, then rinse. Then I shampooed (more thoroughly this time) and waited a few minutes before rinsing. I definitely felt a difference.

The second thing I noticed was that I totally failed with the roots on the 5 dreads I did on my own. I did manage to do some early back-combing maintenance on them without too much effort.

Dreadlock MaintenanceLooking pretty silly with 1 dreadlock "maintained" and 1 dreadlock partially maintained. I backcombed and was about to palm-roll the second one.

I also started slacking a bit this week on palm rolling. I often remind myself that more palm-rolling = faster locking of the dreadlocks. I just can't help how busy I am, though. If only someone in my household would really help. I've even offered my teenager a dime per dreadlock to palm roll! She tried to learn one day, but I was needing to reapply wax as we went and she had places to be.

I also stopped tying on a bandanna for sleeping and my dreadlocks got frizzy fast. Tune in next week to learn about my comfortable solution.

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