Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mamatography - Week 26

Day 176


Lots of good Daddy photos this month! I think this one shows off just how handsome my man is. And also how much he loves his daughter.

Desperate to direct our cool air where we need it, Elmo rigged these cups to go over our vent holes. The jury is still out as to the effectiveness.

Day 177


"I can do it, Mommy? I can do it?"
A sneak peak at Sasha palm rolling my dreads - after I got them completed.

Day 178


Spencer's naps have been moved from the couch to the floor, where he can get more cool air. The fabric on the couch doesn't breathe anyway.

Day 179


The waiting room in our pediatrician's new clinic. Spencer aced his 6 month well child visit and got a free book from them. Starting at 6 months, they give a book to a child at every well child check!

Day 180


Thursday is visitation day. Sasha was very anxious for Daddy to arrive home from work so he could take her to play with her sister. She was knocking on the door in an attempt to get Daddy to arrive sooner.

Day 181


Things are clicking now with Elimination Communication, so Spencer goes diaper free a lot! I was amazed at how much shorter he is in the Boba carrier with no diaper!

Day 182


Sasha had a regression. There were a couple of days a few months ago when she would rub her food all over her face. I cannot tell you how glad I am that this did not last. I hate food messes.

All that EC success also means naked naps for Spencer. He even gets to sleep naked at night, until I go to bed.


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  1. Replies
    1. They really do! The doc has experience with children with DS. Plus he just opened his full clinic. I can always get in same-day, or they are open in the evenings. Our actual doctor is there in the evening!

      One of my early experiences, I called on a Saturday expecting to leave a message - our doctor answered the phone!

      With the new clinic, they even have x-ray on site!

  2. Love the first pic! Wow about Spencer doing so well with EC! And love what your ped does!

    What kinds of pads do you find work best under S for EC?

    1. I just have basic lap pads that you can get at any baby department, but I rarely use them with Spencer. He is so mobile now anyway (rolling). He is just on a baby blanket in that picture. I just use it to kind of mark off his sleeping are in the bed... not that he stays on it. lol

      I did use them with Sasha, but I had her sleeping naked on one through the night at 7 months. I definitely recommend covering them with a baby blanket, though. They're not very soft. I would layer them so that if she wet, all I had to do was remove a layer. That is so much easier than trying to remove and replace in the middle of the night, especially groggy and in the dark.

  3. So cool that EC is going so well!

  4. That daddy and Sasha picture is over the top sweet! I love that she knocked to try to get him home sooner, too. Ha! So excited for your EC successes - naked naps and bedtime are such a relief on the summer heat, I'm sure!

  5. How are the cups working? Now I'm curious, lol.

    Yea for EC success! What a cute nakey baby.

    I'm with on hating food messes. I have to let Sam clean them up or I get … Incredible Hulk-ish.

    I love how red your dreads are! It's a perfect combo.

    That knocking-on-the-door picture is so sweet. Aw!

    1. The cups... eh. I think that he thinks they're working, but I don't think they work. However, we figured out how to clean out our A/C after we noticed it looked like it was covered in... mud. It was gross. Elmo went up on the roof and cleaned it out with a toilet brush. It made a huge difference in how much cool air we're getting!

      Oh man, hubby confessed today that he loathes the peanut butter messes. They are the worst! Sometimes she squishes it all over her hands. I try not to complain to her about it because I know she is just exploring the sensations.

      Thanks! I am thrilled I managed to dye it right before the dread parties! Although you can see in some of my shots that I did miss some spots.


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