Friday, February 8, 2013

February Taboo Carnival Call for Submissions

Jorje from Momma Jorje and Jennifer from Hybrid Rasta Mama are pleased to present the second quarterly edition of The Taboo Carnival. This Carnival will be held four times yearly (February, May, August, and November). The topics will be wide and varied but focus on subjects that are typically not discussed in the natural parenting/mindful living world of bloggers.

The February Taboo Carnival topic is:
Responding to the Natural Parenting Community!

There is often a lot of criticism of the natural parenting community both from those
parents outside of it’s perceived borders as well as those inside the community

To those parents on the outside, the natural parenting community appears to
be some sort of exclusive clique, where everything is “our way or the highway.”
You are either all in or completely out. No middle ground. These same parents
may feel that those in the natural parenting community are judgmental bringing
condemnation and hatred down on anyone who does not parents by their rules!

Within the natural parenting community, there is often just as much of the
“outside looking in” mentality. While some parents practice most of the natural
parenting tenants, there are a few that just do not fit with their lifestyle of personal
beliefs. Other natural parents are rather militant, condemning those who do not
embrace natural parenting it its totality. And the variations of this go on and on.

This month, we would like you to respond to the Natural Parenting Community.
While this topic might seem rather broad, we would like to offer some suggestions
for post topics:

  • Are you a parent on the outside looking in? Are you feeling like you cannot make the transition to natural parenting for fear that you will be rejected by those already in the community?

  • Have you been hurt by a member or members of the natural parenting community?
    What was the situation and how would you like to respond?

  • Are you a natural parent who feels like the community as whole is too militant? Too lacidaisical?

  • What is your overall perception of natural parenting and how it is presented to the public?

  • What do you think about the term “natural parenting?”

  • Is the natural parenting community too exclusive? Does it really set other parents up to be guilt ridden if they do not meet the natural parenting standards? Are there even true natural parenting standards?

Remember, these are just our thoughts and idea to get your creative juices flowing. You are welcome to write about anything responding to the natural parenting community. A BIG REMINDER – BE RESPECTFUL! This is NOT going to turn into an attack on natural parenting or the natural parenting community. What we are hoping to do is open up a new conversation in an effort to begin putting an end to all of the parenting wars out there!

We understand that some of these topics might be sensitive or too personal to share on your own blog. Therefore, we will have a “post swap” option where another blogger will host your post anonymously and you in turn will host another blogger’s post. We will handle all of the details of the post trade once we receive your submission. The host blogger will never know by whom the post was written.

Submissions Deadline: Tuesday, February 19, 2013.

Fill out the webform (at the bottom of this post) and email your submission to jorje {at} mommajorje{dot}com AND jennifer{at}hybridrastamama{dot}com by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Carnival date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013. Before you post, we will send you an email with a little blurb in html to paste into your submission that will introduce the carnival. You will publish your post on February 26th before 8am PST and email us the link if you haven’t done so already. Once everyone’s posts are published, we will send out a finalized list of all the participants’ links to generate lots of link love for your site. We’ll include full instructions in the email we send before the posting date.

A few housekeeping items:

  • Please write a new, previously unpublished post for the carnival.
  • We will email you with specific instructions on posting before carnival day.
  • Please do not post your article until the carnival date.
  • We reserve the right to accept submissions based on relevance to the topic and quality of writing.
  • Please refrain from using profanity, poor spelling and grammar, and vicious personal attacks.
  • We will NOT be editing your post so please proofread and run a spelling and grammar check.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us vis email!

Copy the Taboo Carnival badge and add it to your sidebar:

To stay connected:

We are so looking forward to reading all the contributions for the Carnival!

~ Jorje and Jennifer

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