Thursday, February 14, 2013

Six Ingredient Challenge Update

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We're on a six-week path to eat more whole foods, guided by one simple rule: Buy foods with six ingredients or fewer. And we're blogging about our journey on the way.

This week we're answering the question: How is the Six Ingredient Challenge going for you so far?

You can see all the responses to this question on February 14 at the link-up post.

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I'm not thrilled with our progress so far, but I'm not crushed, either. I was giving myself some room for forgiveness, especially since half my family is not on board. I have, however, avoided buying any grocery items with 6+ ingredients.

I tried to make Lasagna Roll Ups one night... I had accidentally bought noodles you don't have to precook... but you have to boil them to make them soft enough to roll. And then there was a commotion I had to tend to... for a good 20 minutes. The noodles all fused together in the pot. They were ruined. I couldn't use them at all. I grabbed some penne pasta I had and then noticed... the lasagna had 6 ingredients, the penne had 7.

I was already crushed about my mess of a dinner, I was fine letting the extra ingredient issue go. So... we're cruising along casually with the challenge.

Have you had any Six Ingredient Meal Mishaps?
Have you bought any 6+ ingredient items by mistake?


  1. Yes, I have had many mishaps! It is very common for me to begin making a wonderful home cooked meal then realize that one of the (key) ingredients is now in the kitchen :/ Typically, my husband is more than happy to run to the market but now that he is traveling I have had a few 'fails'.

  2. I'm totally on board with cruising casually! What can you do once your noodles are all ruined but grab something else, right? How did your reworked pasta taste — did you salvage it?

    I just looked at the link and had a laugh: "99.8% of ZOOMers say this recipe is not my idea of dinner." What does that mean, lol? That they disagree with lasagna on principle or that they tried it and weren't enthused? Maybe all of them had noodle problems, ha ha!

    If you want to try lasagna again, Sam's got a ricotta cheese recipe up today that's super easy!

    1. Are you familiar with Zoom? I grew up watching one version of it. Tyler watched it when she was little, too. Its fun to make, but I'm guessing kids disagree? Maybe because it doesn't contain meat?

      The recipe called for half of the container on several things, so other than having to get more lasagna noodles (the right kind this time!), I'm all set to make more.

      As for the Penne version... I love cheesy, but it was kind of odd.


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