Friday, June 14, 2013

Dental Hygiene

I used to pretend to brush my teeth while a timer counted down 3 minutes. I suck at dental hygiene with my babies. I sucked at it with Sasha until I set up a solid bedtime routine. I would let Sasha brush her own teeth, but most nights I insisted having a turn as well.

We've done well with dental checkups. At our last check up, our dentist gave us some specific advice on how to clean her teeth. The part that seemed so different to me is that we should use a dry brush. We also used the angle he did. See, Sasha sat in Daddy's lap and then leaned back into the dentist's lap. Spencer's dentist did the same thing, though they had a padded thing for him to lie on.

Momma Jorje: Preschooler Toothbrushing

Weird? I've found it is so much easier to see her teeth! And its easier to keep her attention! The actual brushing is less of a battle once I get her on the floor, too. Sometimes Spencer can peek over my shoulder at her, too. Not only that...

Momma Jorje: Preschooler Flossing

Its easy for flossing, too! If you haven't tried it, you'll be amazed by how much easier it is to see all of those teeth! Now if I could get better at doing this more than once per day...

How do you do dental hygiene with your kids?
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