Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Theory to Reality?

Welcome to the June 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting:

Parenting in Theory vs. in Reality

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants are sharing how their ideas and methods of parenting have changed.


I made promises to the ether as a kid and even got specific ideas regarding parenting in my head as I became an adult. I like to think I've held true to my own ideals, regardless of what others (especially family members) might have said or thought of my parenting.

Jorje (about 15yo) bakes with a friend.

  • Let my kids eat batter... check!
  • Be honest with kids about previous drug use... check!
  • Answer sex questions honestly, without adding extra embarrassment... check!
  • Don't limit language (cursing, when used in proper context)... check!
  • Let my kids taste alcohol at home so they're not tempted to do so elsewhere... check!

I have, however, had a harder time since having Sasha (my #3). She is my most strong-willed child (thus far). I don't want to explode, but sometimes I do. I don't want to punish, but sometimes I feel like the "options" I offer include a punishment.

AFFILIATE LINK: Your Three-Year-Old; Friend or EnemyAFFILIATE LINK: Your Three-Year-Old; Friend or EnemyI'm trying to research and gain a better understanding of my 3½ year old and how to take a gentle approach. (See affiliate link / book suggestion to the right.) We feel pretty lost much of the time. I was lost for awhile with my teenager, too (she is a special case), but I think we're doing pretty well now there.

How has your parenting style differed from what you expected?


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  1. Ha - I remember many of those promises made to the ether, most made as a teenager ;) I wish I would have written those down - if only to just get back in my teen head when the time is right.

  2. As someone who is navigating this parenting thing for the first time I love the idea of staying true with what you set out for yourself as a youngster! The road of parenting is long and winding with no set path...I'm sure you'll find your discipline approach when you least expect it.

  3. I love your list of resolutions that you've met! I doubt there's a magic way through parenting a strong-willed three-year-old for anyone. There's just the trying, failing, and trying again (don't I know it).

  4. I remember silently judging someone I knew who had a strong willed 3 year old before I had kids. If only she this or if only she that. Wow, have I had to eat my thoughts with my 2nd and 3rd daughters.

    I wish I had parenting ideals from my teen years to compare to but at the time I was never going to have kids, haha! I love your list. My three year old has started a parenting do and don't list and number one is "Never be as mean as you!"

  5. They are all special in their own way and we all lose it sometimes...

    I wasn't going to say to my kids some of the things my parents said to me. I am doing pretty well overall, but sometimes I sound exactly as my mum.

  6. Three year olds are hard enough, I can't imagine having the strength and wisdom to cope with a 3 year old AND a teenager at the same time!! You rock!


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