Friday, October 18, 2013

Baby's First Haircut

Welcome to Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2013! People with Down syndrome are more alike (compared to typical people) than different. Today I'm sharing a very "normal" milestone we all go through... Baby's First Haircut.

I had some trouble figuring out why, but I had a lot of emotions tied up in Spencer's hair. As time went on, I think I figured it out. Spencer is my only boy child. Yes, boys are "supposed to have short hair." Pfft. Only every time someone in public would ask "her" name or how old "she" was, it really bothered my husband. He even threatened offered to buzz cut Spencer's hair. The horror!

I kept telling him I wasn't ready. I think I just wasn't ready for Spencer to stop looking so much like a baby and start looking like a little kid. As long as his hair hadn't been cut, he still looked baby to me. Spencer is my last child and with the smaller size and delayed development, I've gotten to have him as a baby for longer than typical babies. I've enjoyed it and see it as a bonus of Down syndrome!

Then one day last week, it just hit me. I was suddenly and inexplicably just okay with him getting his hair cut. I still didn't start making plans or an appointment, but I felt ready. Then yesterday morning we went to a thrift store and I happened to notice there was a Pro*Cuts in the same shopping strip. Pro*Cuts offers free "Baby's First Haircuts," complete with a certificate and lock of hair.

So... in we went. There was only 1 woman working, but she dug out the certificate, baggie for hair, and signed us in! Spencer didn't much care for it, but didn't fuss too much. He even got the trimmer on his neck! I feel like his hair looks a bit butchered, but considering how wiggly he was and how fast she had to move, its not bad.

And now... my baby boy looks more like the little man that he is. I keep getting all teary-eyed as I take in his new look. Every baby mannerism he has looks more like a kid mannerism now. He's growing and learning and developing... just like typical babies...

More alike than different.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We're revving up for this year's Buddy Walk. This will be our 3rd year to participate and we're hoping to raise $1,000 for the organization this year. Please support Spencer's Sidewinders with a donation and/or come walk with us!

Please visit my Facebook page for daily tidbits about Down syndrome during Down Syndrome Awareness Month.
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